Find A Qualified Realtor
      Discuss Wants & Needs
      Discuss Current Market Situation
  Identify Your Wants & Needs
      Price Range
      Size (Bedrooms, Bath or Square Footage)
      Location (Waterfront, Golf Course, Schools or Transportation)
   Gather Financial Information - Lender
      Tax Returns
      Bank Statements
      W2 & 1099
   Get Credit Report Run (Lending Institutions can do)
   Get Loan Pre-qualification
   Find A Home
      Review Information on Current Available Homes Based on Your Criteria
      Select Which Homes to View
   Make Offer on Home
   Negotiate an Acceptable Price
   Inspection Process - Home
      Acquire Insurance
      Termite Inspection
      Home Inspector
      Final Walk-through
   Closing on Home
   Move In

Need help with finding a qualified vendor to help with your home buying process? I can provide you with a list of 2-3 vendors in each of the following categories.
 Home Inspection Services
 Cleaning Services
 Pool Services
 Closing Services
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